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Your help is needed now. Friends of Edge of the Cedars is committed to the ongoing success of the museum.

spiral The Endowment
An endowment will assure continued high quality care for collections and allow for expansion of the repository facility. Donations of $25,000 and above will go towards the endowment.
spiral Naming of the Repository, Exhibit Halls and Auditorium
A donation of $25,000 will be honored by naming a hall for your family or business for five years.
spiral Project Funds
Donations of $1000 and up will sponsor exhibits and programs. $10,000 will fund the education outreach program for one year.
spiral Planned Giving or Bequests
Please ask us for more details.


Please contact the Museum Director at
for further information.

All donations are tax-deductible.











Kiva by James Cawley

The Kiva at Edge of the Cedars Museum
Photo by: James Cawley